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I created Vicworks as an ecommerce workshop and showcase for my interests, links, and hobbies  almost a decade ago.   Since then, it has transitioned more into an online resource, archive, and reference tool. 

Victor Newsom, Chief Operating Officer - Mobile Clearinghouse Network
Mr. Newsom worked in C-level and key operations positions for a variety of companies prior to joining Mobile Clearinghouse Network, including COO at leading Next-Gen PrePaid Processor - eCommLink where he grew it from it's beginnings in Houston to a PCI,TR39, SAS70 certified company with international processing and EMV capabilities; Bank of America, where he supported the launch of the first ever stock-to-checking account; and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, where he managed e-business strategies. Mr. Newsom was also the CTO of Internet Marketing Concepts, an ecommerce startup, and CEO of CompConnector. Mr. Newsom is trained in Six Sigma processes and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

My professional focus is in the areas of:
- e-Business /  e-Commerce Strategy and Operations
- Financial Services ( Prepaid and Mobile Payments)
- Financial Payments Global Infrastructure
- Technology Startups and Turn Around

Whether you are with a start-up or a multi-billion dollar organization, other professionals interested in leveraging experiences, exchanging ideas, or simply networking-  Contact Me

For a more structured view of my background, select LinkedIn Profile .  I thought this was an interesting approach to presenting a more complete picture of a person's

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