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Interests & Links

Hello and welcome to VicWorks.

Over the past decade, I have been more focused on business development and the growth of the start up companies I have had under my care and transitioned out of community involvement.
- Diocesan Marriage Renewal and Yesha Ministries sites are run independently  now. 
- My Diamond Warrior project is in "suspended animation" but I have posted links and lyrics below. 
- The Fitness Log website functionality I had developed was incorporated into tools offered by Bodybuilding.com 

In addition to my interests in Music, Martial Arts, Science and individual Spirituality - my professional focus rests is in the areas of:
- e-Business /  e-Commerce Strategy and Operations
- Financial Services (especially Prepaid and Mobile Payments)
-Program/ Product/ Project Management (especially technology platforms or portfolios)
- Health Care Technology
- Corporate Transformation
- Technology Startups or  Turn Around

Whether you are with a start-up or a multi-billion dollar organization, other professionals interested in leveraging experiences, exchanging ideas, or simply networking-  Contact Me

For a more structured view of my background, visit  my LinkedIn profile.

Enjoy this site and I look forward to your feedback!


Diamond Warrior (my creative alter ego)

I have some new additions ( The Weekend and Walking to the Light ). I also am adding in some items from the archives.  You may need to download the whole file before playing. I have gotten feedback that some folks would rather just view the poetry / lyrics so I am in the process of adding those as well.  Enjoy - let me know what you think.

Favorites:  When I'm With You- Vocal    When I'm With You- Lyrics and The Weekend - Vocal   The Weekend - Lyrics  and others with an *

I was fleshing out the story arch for a Christian musical when I decided to focus on the songs first and come back to the story details later.  Well, I pursued martial arts "later" but here is the original music for "The Story of Thomas":
Fellow Man (Light version) Introduce "Revivalists"
Fellow Man (Dark version) Introduce Main Character
Alone Main Character Back Story
Climb That Ladder Main Character Takes a Fall
* Dark Journey Main Character Despairs - Redemption?
* Walking To The Light - Vocal   Walking To The Light - Lyrics Fellow Traveler Shares His Hope
One Body Come To The Revival
* I Believe Revivalist Testifies
What Will You Do? Main Character Challenged NOTE: My later version changed "On the day that you die" to "When you see the light" Retitled - When You See The Light
Beautiful Day Close on Main Character

I also have an assortment of songs in various stages:

Recorded Version:
Dancing On Our Cloud Anniversary song for my wife ;-)
* Grateful It's all about attitude!
Moonlight Dancer La Belle Dame Sans Merci - but in the desert Note - will need to rerecord due to synching problems but still love the imagery I had when making this - UPDATED - I rerecorded this song Moonlight Dancer - Vocal    Moonlight Dancer - Lyrics
On The Mountain I was thinking of Coleridge and the 3 Temptations when this just developed Note: To be fair - I was also thinking of a song by Kansas
** When I'm With You- Vocal   When I'm With You- Lyrics One of my first and favorite songs!

Under Development - Lyrics Only or Lyrics and Base Recording:
Begin Again - Lyrics    Begin Again - VocalA tangent to my Christian musical efforts
* Nightmare - Lyrics    Nightmare - Vocal Watch out - This could be you
Shakin - Lyrics    Shakin - Vocal Originally- the "Revivalists" in "The Story of Thomas" were more charismatic

I have a mainly vocal background with some experimentation with electronic musical tools. I have always enjoyed a wide range of music from trance to musicals, Sting and Enigma to Lincoln Park. "Diamond Warrior" is where I display some of the results of my creative efforts.  My intent has been to display the potential of my poetry and ,possibly, develop it in collaboration with others. Regardless, my songs, like their author, are a work in progress.

Yesha Ministries - Tae Kwon Do

Yesha Ministries is a Christian based martial arts organization with multiple schools and a 20 year history of excellence.  Many people (myself included) have been blessed with their selfless giving of time and talent to share the knowledge of this art . 

Warning -shameless self-promo:  Me breaking bricks. 
Vic - Palm and hammer breaks with slow-mo

Diocesan Marriage Renewal

Renewing & Revitalizing Marriages (Serving the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida) 
The Diocesan Marriage Renewal experience is designed to Renew and Revitalize Marriages. Weekend Experiences are held at Marywood Retreat Center. Day experiences and Newly Married Couples Enrichment Experience are held at Parishes throughout the Diocese. Both the weekend and day experiences are open to couples of all faiths.   My wife and I used to present the weekends.

The Fitness Log

The Fitness Log was an experiment and a utility for me. I got tired of tracking my workouts in Excel and then having to interpret progress by deliberating over tabular data. Unfortunately - I ran out of free time so I am tabling this project.

I would recommend someone looking to transform their physique to visit BodyBuilding.com. I am Slowly working my way towards my goals using this site. Feel free to view my progress at http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Supervic2007/


Hats off to a true integration of Science and Art.  I read about this in Science News and have created some great backgrounds for my desktop. Click here and ... Enjoy!

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